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Shaw is the official greeter and ambassador to County Seat Decorating Center...self appointed!  He has been with us since 2011.  Sometimes he might be a little too friendly for customers but for the most part, our customers enjoy interacting with him.  Did I mention that he is huge?  Yep...he's a big guy!

This was the first picture we took of him.  We adopted him from Caring Hands Humane Society, Newton, KS.  As soon as we brought him to the store, he took over my letter tray.  He was 7 months old.  http://http://www.caringhandshs.org/

This is a recent picture while we were remodeling our store.  This big goof thinks he still fits in my paper tray. He weighs nearly 18 pounds.

This is Shaw playing on his "cat super highway".  We had to take it down when we remodeled the store.  He had outgrown it anyway.  When he walked on it, it would sway pretty violently.  We were afraid he would get hurt.  He will have a cat feature here shortly.  We are looking at options.  After all..this IS HIS STORE!!!  We just work here.