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At the beginning of this year, we began the process of removing the suspended ceiling and paneling from the walls.  We exposed a beautiful pressed tin ceiling that we painted a satin black.  We scraped 140 years of paint and wallpaper from these walls and exposed lots of history. Our intention was that any stucco that was loose would come off and any that was tight, we would leave.  There was only one area that came off...exposing the limestone underneath.  We've installed all new floorcovering throughout the store as well. 

This is a photo of the store cat, "Shaw"!  The ugly paneling provides his background!  He is convinced that this is HIS store and we just work for him!

The first step was to remove Shaw's cat super highway.  He was actually using it quite often but, he was getting too big for it.  This cat feature garnered Shaw and our store a 3 1/2 minute segment on KWCH in Wichita.   https://www.facebook.com/jwildin/videos/vb.1361447886/10204595345187865/?type=3

The suspended ceiling is nearly gone here.  We had to leave the grid up to support the electric lines that needed some tidying up by our electrician. 

Other than a few areas that needed some repair, the pressed tin ceiling was in fantastic condition!!!  With the fresh paint...it is gorgeous!

WOW!!!  Everyone who has come into our store, looks up and is in awe at how beautiful the ceiling is.  We have tried to find out what year this tin ceiling was installed because it was not in the original building that was constructed in 1877. We have photos of the inside of our building at the turn of the century and there was wallpaper on the ceiling.  We are sure glad someone saw fit to add this incredible feature to this historic building!

We used fence boards that we saved from our backyard last summer to cover the front area of the store.  It is beautiful!  At this point, the building was nearly done!

We left all of the holes and rugged features of the walls when we painted.  Each of the holes and marks represents something that someone did who came before us.  We are decorating the walls with historic photos of this amazing, limestone building. 

The product that is on the front of our counter is "WallPlanks".  They are a very user friendly product.  There are several colors available.  They are peel and stick and very thin.  They can be used in a variety of areas.  You could do an accent wall or just an area behind your headboard.  The flooring that we installed is Shaw, Floorte, Pantheon solid core floor.  This particular color has the look of barnwood.  It is totally waterproof and pet proof...that's good since we have a store cat!