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The largest growing segment of the flooring business is the luxury vinyl products.  We have a large selection of luxury vinyl tile...with and without grout, vinyl planks, and totally waterproof core floor!  We invite you into our showroom to see the new core floor that is installed.  We will be happy to show you all of the many products that we have available to meet your needs!

This is a multi-width Shaw plank.  There are several colors available. 

This floor is so attractive and incredibly practical.

Vinyl planks and core floor are not only for use in the obvious areas like kitchens and baths, but work well through your entire house. If you have pets...these products are perfect!

Tile patterns range from a ceramic tile look to natural stone.  When you add the non-staining grout, the look is impeccable!  Some of the tiles are so realistic, you have to touch them to know they are vinyl!